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The Best Lice Shampoo

Each year, the CDC has estimated that over twelve million children will be infested with lice. This doesn’t of course also take into account any of the adults who will contract the parasite. Lice seem more common in children due to schools and daycares. This is because over the years they’ve relaxed their rules and regulations in regards to how children are to be handled who are discovered to have lice. Originally, children would be required to be sent home, treated and only allowed to return once they have a doctor’s note saying they’re clear of eggs and bugs. Recently, rules have been changed stating that children can be in school whether they’ve found to have these nasty creatures. While there are countless products out there, some places in the United States as of 2017 have found that lice have become immune to many of the shampoo’s and products that are readily available over the counter and require a prescription treatment.

What is the best lice shampoo?

Nobody wants to hear their child has lice and it can be hard to rid of those nasty bugs once your child has them or even if you’re an adult. We’ve done a lot of looking around to come up with a list of some of the best lice shampoo on the market. Of course, anything that you can get via prescription from your child’s doctor is going to be a lot better and more effective than most of the over the counter stuff you’ll find and may be covered by your insurance. Licenex is one of the most highly recommended best lice shampoo treatments. Perhaps due to the effectiveness of the shampoo combined with the safety of the product. Licenex has been listed as a hypoallergenic treatment, and non-toxic. Not only can it be used as shampoo for your hair, but it’s also a formula that can be used to treat affected areas in the house including carpets.

Likewise, products like Clearlice are also receiving high marks from parents who’ve had children that wound up getting lice from daycare or school. Much like the other product we mentioned, Clearlice is safe and effective in the treatment of head lice. The ingredients in the product are both safe and gentle to use, but work hard when combined to attack lice and rid of the menacing issue. The final best lice shampoo we’re recommending is called Liceadex. This product is being marketed as completely safe, but equally effective in the removal and killing of the unwanted head lice. One of the best things about this product is they have a 100% success rating when it comes to killing and removal of lice and even offer a money back guarantee to make sure its customers are satisfied with the product if you don’t see results within thirty days.

While there are many ways to tackle head lice and deal with removal, it doesn’t have to be painstaking or expensive to get the job done. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you when it comes to finding the right products that work and for the right price without breaking your bank or budget. The next time one of your children comes home with a case of headlice refer back to this list and you’ll be glad you did.


Treating Head Lice with Tea Tree Oil

Head Lice and Tea Tree Oil:

Do you ever get tired of using chemicals on your scalp to get rid of lice? There is another way besides doing so. It’s all natural and not toxic, tea tree oil. According to the CDC, there are 12 million cases of lice each year and that’s only in the U.S. The ages of children that are most likely to get lice is between three and eleven years of age. It is usually around the ages of when children are going to school with other kids. The kid(s) then come home from school and next thing you know, you in the household have lice. It is that quick, they go after any kinds of hair. Tea tree oil is an efficient way to get rid of lice, you save up from buying toxic chemical shampoos and lotions.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca oil. The oil is extracted from the leaves in Australia. You can get this oil from certain shampoos, conditioners, drops, and sprays. The ingredients inside tea tree oil are cineole and terpinen. The tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner has a minty smell, so if you like the smell of mint that’s a benefit to washing your hair, it can be soothing. If you have head lice and tea tree oil seems to break out on you, then don’t use. But if you don’t know you break out of it, apply it to the back of your hand and see.

How to use Tea Tree Oil:

Apply a single drop and let it work its way over night. Then you would just have to comb the dead lice out. You can even, as suggested above, use the shampoo and conditioner, but it would have to be applied two to three times throughout the week. Within 30 minutes of one percent of this tea tree oil can kill 100% of lice.

Other Benefits of Tea Tree Oil:

Other than lice, tea tree oil can support the immune system, promote healing and perspiration. It is also a disinfectant, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide, and fungicide. It can help with skin acne, fungal diseases of the skin, herpes, dog bites, warts, psoriasis. Did you know it can also help with sunburns? Tea tree oil is great for sores and gingivitis as well.


Even though it has its benefits, there are some things that too much of can cause harm. Do not ingest tea tree oil and it’s probably wise to not put it in the eyes. Also, it may not target the adult lice as well as other products. It should not be applied onto babies, pregnant woman, or young children. If you want to use tea tree oil on a daily basis, dilute it with olive oil.

Where is it available?

To get the pure tea tree oil, you can go to your local GNC or your Vitamin World. If you buy the oil in a clear glass, it is most likely spoiled. Oil needs to be in a dark amber or dark blue glass to prevent this from happening. Remember, if you don’t know you should use tea tree oil, it isn’t a bad idea to check with your family doctor to see if there are any cases in your family of allergies to this natural oil. But it is an over the counter alternative, meaning, you won’t need a prescription for it.